We moved to Madison County from Durham, NC with the desire to simplify our lives and be more in touch with nature and where our food comes from.  Our goal was to farm on a small scale for our own needs.  We also wanted to provide an upbringing for our children where they knew where their food came from, both plant and animal. See our bios below.

Chris (dad)- programs and labor are what I do on the farm.  I worked for 16 years leading youth programs for Lincoln County and the City of Durham.  Before that I worked with the YMCA and US Forest Service out west in California, Oregon, and Arizona doing recreation programming.  The dream of living in the North Carolina mountains was in my heart since graduating from Appalachian State University. 

Lesley (mom)- Animal and plant coordinator :-).  I grew up in the panhandle of Florida, once in North Carolina knew I didn't want to go back.  Currently working at Mission Hospital as an RN three days a week, rest of the time is working in the gardens.  Love Madison County.

Miles and Georgia- Rulers of this tiny mountain kingdom...