summer Camp 2019

Our summer camp program is based on the idea that children need the opportunity to learn and play in an outdoor setting.  Through 15+ years of experience leading outdoor based summer camps I have seen how the chance for a child to not only spend time outside, but have the chance to thrive in the outdoors can make a huge impact on a child's life.  We interact with nature through games, art, science and of course the farm animals.  

A typical day will start with a couple of games relating to the week's theme to get the mind and body moving.  From there we will get right into the theme of the week.  After a quick snack we will continue our theme time, where we explore more in depth the topic of the week, be it aquatic life, wildflowers, art, or farm animals. We will then have lunch and after lunch move to a period of free play time, which will of course include creek time where we explore, play in and build along Tilden Metcalf Creek. After free play time we will clean up and have our second snack before it is time for camp to end.

Summer Camp will be held at our Chestnut Mountain Property, with over 85 acres of meadows, forest, springs, and trails to explore. 

Our themes for the summer 2019 are: 

  • full Game week - We will focus on all sorts of games, and in the process we will create our own games, both active and board, that will get used throughout the summer and years to come. This week will be a great start to the summer getting kids moving and creating. full

  • Farm Animals - We will focus on the different animals on the farm. Life cycle, feeding habits and care needed. (6/17)

  • Flora and Fauna of the Southern Appalachians - We will focus on the plants and wild animals that live in our area. (6/24)

  • Water Week - We will focus on aquatic life on the farm in the many springs and Tilden Metcalf Creek, along with exploring other water based science activities. (7/8)

  • Nature Art - We will use materials we find around the farm to create art in a variety of forms along with learning some other forms of visual art such as shadow puppetry. (7/15)

  • Skills Week - We will focus on different skills each day of camp, such as, building with primitive materials, cooking over fire, tracking, orienteering. (7/22)

  • Wild Week - The last week of camp will be filled with all sorts of new activities to celebrate the end of camp, lots of fun!!! (7/29)

Summer camp is for children ages 5-10 years old.  The camp runs from 8:30a-3:00p. 

Cost for the camp is $100 per week.  Max of 14 children per week.  Staff ratio of 1 to 7.  If you are signing up for more than one week you can click the deposit link and do a deposit of $25 for additional weeks you are interested in, but full payment must be made on the first week of camp before you can register for additional weeks.

If you would like to register your child click the Summer Camp Registration link under Programs, or if you have any questions, please email us at or call 828-384-3003

“Camp with Chris Shepard was one of the best parts of childhood for my three children! All of them loved being in Chris’s nature camps and still tell funny stories about their adventures with him. Discovering nature, being outdoors and using their imaginations was exactly what I wanted for my kids every school break, and Chris provided all that and more. I highly recommend the Camp at Sunny Truth Farm.”
-Margot Starbuck, mom of Zoe, Rollie, Abhi