Summer Camp is almost over, one week to go.  That means that Farm School will be starting up soon.  If you are interested in having your 3-6 year old participate in a fun, all-outdoor program, we can help.  Check out the website for more details and as always feel free to call or email if you have any further questions.  

Farm School Fall 2018.jpg

New Year Coming...New session of Nature Preschool Begins

Time to look ahead to the New Year and we are getting ready for the start of the 2017 Nature Preschool sessions.  Here is the new flyer with all the amazing information.  You can check out what we have been doing this fall with Nature Preschool on our Instagram Page (sunnytruthfarm) and our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/sunnytruthfarm/

It's been a long time coming.

So between needing to help with family in Florida and starting up the Nature Preschool, we have been busy.  But it is now time to post!

The Nature Preschool has started and so far it has been a blast.  We have been creating our space to play, learn and share.  We spend our mornings with the farm animals, then transition to the forest for the second part of the day.  The energy and excitement that comes from the children as they explore and learn is contageous.  I am looking forward to watching the children grown and develop. 

Here are some pictures to show what is going on.


So if you are interested in having your child join us we still have some spaces in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday session.  Feel free to give us a call or email if you have any questions and you can register here on the website. 

Fall Nature Preschool Program

Registration is underway for our fall Nature Preschool Program.  This will be an all outdoor program for 3-5 year olds based on the Waldkindergarten programs in northern Europe.  If you have any questions please contact us at sunnytruthfarm@gmail.com.  Below is the flyer and feel free to spread the word.

Work is paying off in different ways

So we have been so busy with the summer garden and all the new animals that the website gets forgotten, shame.  One small success is our butterfly garden between the house and the main garden.  Despite the lack of rain it is in full bloom right now and we have been inspired.  More will be popping up around the property.  More post soon on all the other things going on.  Don't forget our outdoor preschool has registration going on right now.  It is going to be a great learning experience for the kids as well as a great fun. 

Here they are, the ducklings...

Baby ducks are pretty darn cute.  I must admit.  Here is a video taken within the first hour of arriving.  Drink, drink, drink and eat, eat, eat.  As great as they are now, it is very exciting to think about getting duck eggs this fall.  If you want to get on our mailing list we will be selling chicken and duck eggs starting this fall.  We will be doing a weekly meetup in Asheville and Mars Hill.  Here is the video.  To get on the mailing list email us at sunnytruthfarm@gmail.com

Busy, Busy, Busy....Chicks, Chicks, and Ducklings (updated)

So busy with chicks hatching (more than expected), chicks being delivered (why did we do this), and ducklings being delivered.  We decided to take two days worth of eggs and put them in the incubator and see what happened.  We never checked for fertility and just thought of it as a test run for the incubator since we had only tried the turkey egg.  Well 19 days later we had 19 chicks hatching out of 25 eggs put in.  We candled the other 6 and 3 were not fertile and the rest just never fully developed.  Not bad.  Good job hens and roosters.  Most of these are muts as the roosters are Marans and there are only 2 Maran hens, the rest are New Hampshire and Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks.  Here are some pictures and a video.  Have also posted pictures of the ducklings and chicks that we just got in today.  Pretty hardy creatures to survive the trip in the mail, a human baby wouldn't. 

It is so wild how quickly they go from weak looking creature to fluffy little chick, in a day!  Below is the video.  We are still registering for summer camp and we have started taking registration for our Nature Preschool. 



Rain Barrel installed on the Chicken Coop

We finally got the gutter system and rain barrel installed on the mobile chicken coop.  This is making life easier since we no longer have to haul water to wherever we have the coop on the property, we just fill up right there.  Things are moving along here on the farm as we get ready for summer season.  Don't forget about Summer Camp and our fall Nature Preschool!

May 5 and it is chilly and wet...

So we made it to May and our weather for 2016 here has been winter, to summer, to spring, back to winter today.  Yes it may be chilly here but it is cold on the high mountains around us.  Here are some pictures below to show it.  Both are Mount Mitchell.  Here is the link http://nchighpeaks.org/Webcams  So while we work in the gardens and prep for summer camp programs, winter is reminding us that it will soon return.