Winter doesn't want to go...we don't mind

Just because February wanted to be spring doesn't mean that March feels the same way.  We have had more cold and snow in the first half of March than all of February.  The people of the farm are enjoying it, the animals and plants maybe not as much.  This late winter burst has provided some fun for Farm School as we have taken the time to look at the different snowflake shapes that are falling.  This is a great lesson for the kids.  Here are some pictures of snowflakes we have seen during Farm School.  Just because it feels like winter doesn't mean it's not time to think about Summer Camp.  Check out our Summer Camp page for more information on what we have going on this summer.

Summer Camp Flyer 2018.jpg

May 5 and it is chilly and wet...

So we made it to May and our weather for 2016 here has been winter, to summer, to spring, back to winter today.  Yes it may be chilly here but it is cold on the high mountains around us.  Here are some pictures below to show it.  Both are Mount Mitchell.  Here is the link  So while we work in the gardens and prep for summer camp programs, winter is reminding us that it will soon return.